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On Saturday, September 30th, 2017 HTM is organizing  38e CAC / CACIB Dogshow in Maastricht.


On Sunday, Oktober 1th, 2017 HTM is organizing  39e CAC / CACIB Dogshow  Maastricht.



On both days we start judging in the rings earlier than other years.

Starting judging at 09h30m.

Judges list can be found under the menu option of judges per day, classified on the FCI group. The judges list can also be found under the heading downloads in the main menu. Last changes to judges list on 26-07-2017 

Because of the decease of our judge and friend Mr. Steven Gladstone, we had to replace him to judge at our show.
He has been replaced by Mr.Igor Vyguzov (ME) for all his breeds.



38e+ 39e  CAC/CACIB Dogshow

Rules off enrollment

You  can register your dogs till 15th sept. 2017 for the 38 and 39th International Dogshow which will be held in MAASTRICHT, the Netherlands, on Saturday the 30th  September 2017 and Sunday the 1th of Oktober 2017. Professional organization, enough parking space in the direct neighbourhood of the modern exhibition halls. And above all a very professional judges panel. So, nothing to withhold you from entering your dog(s). 

More information about this double SHOW you will find on this site. 

You can reach us with the contact form on this site or email: info@dogshowmaastricht.nl


We can be reached via contact links below on this site or directly via: info@dogshowmaastricht.nl

  See You in 2017 in Maastricht         Hoofdsponsor CAC/CACIB Maastricht 2017


  John Wauben
President foundation Dogshow Maastricht

Note...!:  new phone number

Secretariat: Mw. Anja Kerkhofs




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